Spike Jonze Loves and Hookups

Spike Jonze Loves and Hookups

Karen Lee Orzolek born November 22, , [1] known professionally as Karen O , is a South Korean-born American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. She is the lead vocalist for American rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. O is best known as the lead vocalist for the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She has also been noted for her sense of fashion , wearing ostentatious outfits made by her friend, fashion designer Christian Joy. In the early days of the band, she became well known for her outrageous antics during live shows. During a tour for the Livid Festival in Australia, at a sideshow at The Metro in Sydney, O accidentally danced off the stage and was reluctantly taken to a hospital. A few days later, at the Sydney leg of the Livid Festival, she appeared in a wheelchair pushed onstage by Angus Andrew. In , O was placed at number three on Spinner. In , she collaborated with experimental rock group Swans on the song “Song for a Warrior” on their album The Seer. She also lends vocals to the song “GO!

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The movie seems to have been inspired by Siri, but Jonze actually had the germ of the idea ten years ago and began writing the script three years ago. They stole our thunder. Our thing is so much different than Siri, and Siri is in the end sort of contributing [to generating interest in the movie].

Karen O Net Worth: Discover Karen O’s Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, She has dated Spike Jonze and musician Angus Andrew.

After Jonze and Coppola divorced in , he began dating Karen O, who was nine years his junior and just beginning to take off with her band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Since Karen is constantly touring and doing promotion, most of their relationship occurs over the phone. And as Karen, who was in her mids, met tons of interesting people and grew, she naturally changed over time. Just not a romantic one. This all would sync up pretty closely with the evolution of the relationship in HER where, at first, Theodore is the one showing and explaining the world to Samantha.

Spike is a world famous music video and film director who would know all the most interesting people and places. Which sounds pretty much like what it would be like to be in a small indie rock band in New York City one day and the lead singer of a world famous band touring the entire world the next day. Sofia was two years younger than Spike, To hear that your ex-husband is dating someone only a few years out of college would seem pretty immature of him.

For the full Karen O theory and deep thoughts about other movies, click through to Reddit.


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Karen O, captivating lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, first worked with director Spike Jonze on a video for the band’s single “Y Control.” (The two also dated.

An end product should be so astounding that seeing an early sketch detracts from the final reveal. For the first time since her Dave Sitek record leak , Karen O wants us to hear her errors, feel her fidgeting, and see her weak spots. Alone in her room, Karen O is trying to wrestle it. Love is much more an examination of ourselves than it is of the significant other, and facing the shadow of the human we aspire to be consumes us, making us dissect our own selves to become the person worthy of their heart.

And yet a crush is an even more battered creature than a love. It seems Karen O knows that. This is an exercise in healing, and as such, it has rough patches. She was either unsure how to end them or incapable of holding up the broken ends. Whatever the reason, it was too important to go back and reshape when putting out the record. At least it mirrors love in its striking, often defeatist attitude.

Who is Karen O Dating Now?

Who is Spike Jonze dating? Many famous women have dated Spike Jonze, and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies. These ladies come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they’re all women that Spike Jonze has either dated or hooked up with.

People are usually very disappointed when they meet me,” Karen O She’d recently broken up with the film director Spike Jonze (“He’s in there “I couldn’t look straight at him for a while when we started dating,” she giggles.

By Dan Rickmers. Remember how adorable and touching WallE seemed in that movie, WallE? Unless you consider fake mustache parties to be touching. Bad touching. After going around for a few days being sad that no one has come along and totally turned his life around for him, a robot-girl with a built in creepy smile-face drives up to him with her stoner friend and a nudist. Spoilers after the jump. Well, at that level of intimacy, what can they do but fall into cripplingly dependent love with one another?

They laugh, walk through a forest at sunset, and even recharge together if you know what I mean. Then they go to an indie concert where people dance by pointing at the band a lot, as if to signify to the people around them that there is something of interest going on in the general direction of the stage. In all that pointing, someone accidentally rips the girls arm off with the brute strength of three Schwarzeneggers. Image via. Sign in. NYU Local Follow. The independent blog of New York University.

Karen O – Crush Songs

Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Main Details. Who is Spike Jonze dating right now? According to our editor community, Spike Jonze is currently single.

Spike Jonze + Maurice Sendak + Karen O Inspirador, Maurice Sendak, Equipo We Love You So – Where The Wild Things Are – Spike Jonze: The official for British punk group Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen is portrayed.

Listen to a handful of Karen O songs — whether on her own or with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs — and you’ll swear you seemingly know everything about her. Famous both for her flamboyant onstage persona and her penchant for baring her soul through intimate and uninhibited lyrics, she’s elevated herself from the dank clubs of Manhattan’s Lower East Side to become the epitome of a rock star in every sense.

But while she’s almost personifying a self-created character when she’s a flurry of flailing limbs with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O — known in real life as 35 year-old Karen Orzolek — has also cultivated a solo career that’s seen her contribute a broader swath of material to soundtracks for ‘s ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ ‘s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and last year’s ‘Her’ — which also brought her an unexpected Oscar nomination.

With the release of her first solo album, ‘ Crush Songs ,’ which is made up entirely of lo-fi bedroom recordings she made when she was 27, the singer-songwriter makes it clear that she’s an open book — if you know the right places to look. Are you saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah? Home News. What obscure facts did we miss about Karen O? Categories: Lists , Music , Original Features. Back To Top.

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The Stateside punks appear a peculiarly geeky bunch. Bad haircuts, laughable attempts at anarchy chic and a hysterical attitude. He was so beautiful!

NYC nu-punk trio live and loud, with bonus Spike Jonze documentary. He is, after all, currently dating Karen O, their electrifyingly charismatic frontwoman who​.

We areall related! By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. Learn more Close. Sign In Sign Up. Spike Jonze. Spike Jonze Print Family Tree. He has acted in some videos and films, and has written as well. Spike also was a co-founder and editor of Dirt magazine, as well as an editor for Grand Royal Magazine. Spike in the past shot skateboard videos, most notably Blind skateboard company’s Video Days in , and he is co-owner of Girl Skateboards. Spike is an heir to the substantial Spiegel Catalog fortune.

On June 26, Spike married director Sofia Coppola. On December 5, Coppola filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”. Coppola has a lead role as a gymnast in Spike’s music video for the Chemical Brothers song “Elektrobank”. Search the original records.

Watch Spike Jonze’s Karen O and Danger Mouse video

Spike Jonze was previously married to Sofia Coppola – Spike Jonze is a 50 year old American Director. His zodiac sign is Libra. Spike Jonze is a member of the following lists: American film producers , Grammy Award winners and American film directors.

And now, with the release of a third movie, producer Spike Jonze enlisted his ex-​girlfriend, Karen O, the yowling frontwoman for the Yeah Yeah.

The clip in question, the disturbing yet comically bizarre “Y Control,” is another weird opus from filmmaker Spike Jonze. A kind of fairy tale gone wrong, the video shows the Yeahs acting as the house band to a world of ill-behaved little hell-raisers: Karen dances around in a sparkly crimson tutu while a mob of creepy kids straight out of “Children of the Corn” move around the group, performing gruesome acts of violence on each other in perverse and disconcerting ways.

Oddly, Karen credits Michael Jackson as an accomplice to the visual bedlam. Photos: “Y Control” video. Simultaneously creepy and beautiful, the clip features a freak show of absurdities, including a vampire boy attacking Karen, a disembowelment and the dismemberment of limbs with a rusty axe. Karen insists that the violence is too satirical to be taken seriously. There’s all these ridiculous hijinks going on — not necessarily violence, but a parody of violence.

I think [kids] know the difference. They realize the violence is fake and schlocky and they appreciate it in a humorous way, and not pick up an axe and chop up someone. But the clip is also so potentially controversial that an introductory disclaimer was added that features one of the video’s more prominent children, identified as Griffin, saying, “Hi, this next video you are going to see is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

There have been no children hurt this evening, and no animals killed this evening.


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